NSBomega's team

With world-class service in mind, NSBomega Guyana Inc, a majority Guyanese and woman owned company, started in 2018 with the goal to serve Guyana’s developing Oil & Gas Industry. Our team consists of Guyanese industry leaders including:

Vishnu Doerga

As past president, chairman and councillor of many Business Support Organizations including the Georgetown Chamber and the Guyana National Bureau of Standards, Vishnu has over 20 years of private sector development service. Coming from a Mechanical Engineering background, he is now a certified coach, mentor, trainer and speaker. Also, a MBA lecturer, he holds a Doctorate in Management specializing in Entrepreneurship.

Divya Doerga

As a Business executive, Divya has an extensive career in organizing, developing and executing high-impact projects to being involved in strategy-planning for several local businesses at an early age. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Business Administration, and is currently pursuing her Master of Business Administration in Oil and gas Management. Divya has also completed studies in Business, Economics and Sociology and is a certified John Maxwell Team Speaker, Trainer and Coach. Divya has been in the technical staffing industry for over 3 years and has extensive knowledge of the industry.

Davitri Doerga

As an administrative and finance professional with over 25 years of practical experience, Davitri also has an extensive expertise portfolio in project management, business development and human resource management. Davitri is currently pursuing her Master of Business Administration at the University of East London and has completed the (WINC) Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program. She is also a certified John Maxwell Team Speaker, Trainer and Coach.

With successful experience in recruiting and employee management, Geetangali holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Her dedication to clients and her strong work ethics builds long-lasting relationships. She is passionate about her goal of exceeding client’s expectations and assisting them with talent acquisition.